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  • Welcome to Paul Duggan, Safety Charter General Manager
  • View from the Board – Sharon Butt
  • Christmas comes to Placemakers – BBQ Events
  • Risk & Return Seminar Series
  • Mates in Construction
  • Invitation to Blokes Book Launch
  • International Men’s Day
  • Charter Champion Award
  • Bridging the Gap Workshop Review
  • New Members
November 2019/ ISSUE #62

Changes at the Safety Charter

The Safety Charter Board recently announced the appointment of Paul Duggan as General Manager of the Safety Charter. 
Hello Charte
r members,
My name is Paul Duggan, and I am looking forward to leading the Canterbury Safety Charter through the next stage of its journey.
My background is in education and sports administration, and although this seems to be somewhat removed from health and safety, the key similarity is in people and organisational development. My belief is that the Safety Charter is at a important junction and needs to re-define its place in the post rebuild environment.
I would like to salute the work done by the members of the Safety Charter up to this p
oint. It is somewhat unique in that is has been driven by the industry and has enabled a wide variety of stakeholders to collaborate in raising the bar in health and safety practice and education. The results reflect the effectiveness of this approach, and the Safety Charter is now a model that can be replicated in other regions.
In terms of my life outside of work, I have been married for 34 years, have 4 children, with only one still at home. I live on 2.5 acres of native bush in Lyttelton Harbour, and our househo
ld includes a dog and 2 horses. I enjoy watching most sports, and am still active in basketball, golf and cycling. I am interested in music, spend a lot of time reading, and value learning new things.
I am hoping to meet many of you in the near future and am excited about working with you all in delivering the strategic outcomes the board is currently developing. 

Paul Duggan
General Manager
Canterbury Safety Charter


If what I do enables just one person to go home safe and well to their family and friends I am extremely happy.

I see being part of the Board at the Canterbury Safety Charter as another opportunity to do just that, by imparting my 25+ years’ Health, Safety and Wellbeing experience and knowledge to Charter Members.  I have been very fortunate to work in many industries across the Manufacturing, Processing, Agriculture Industries, Tertiary Education, the Health and Safety Regulator and now in the Local Government Sector at Christchurch City Council as Health and Safety Manager.
We have so many different priorities and life experiences as we grow in our roles and mature in age.   Now that I reflect on my Health and Safety  (H&S) “past” and my Health Safety and Wellbeing “present” I realise that my Health, Safety and Wellbeing journey has had an impact on so many situations and so many people at work, home and even in the sporting arena.  How great is that?
There have been many moments throughout my career that have been extremely sad. We rarely get to a mature age in this type of role without being affected by some sort of loss or experience that has had an impact on families, teams, colleagues, communities and ourselves.  I would like to reflect on the positive side of why I have continued with my commitment to ensuring people go home safe and well after work. 
At work one situation that comes to mind was talking to a farmer who believed he was doing the right thing taking his three-year old onto the farm on the back of an ATV while he worked.  In many ways he was doing the right thing, he was teaching his son about the farm and the job, he had son and dad time, he was giving his partner a well-earned break, he was a proud dad and was committed to spending time with his children, and the list of many good reasons goes on…..  After many months working with this particular farming region I was asked to present at their monthly community meeting.  I prepared nervously to stand in front of the farming community to convince them that Health and Safety was a good thing, the farmer I mentioned above introduced me and shared the story, and told everybody that I was a pain in the backside but deep down he knew he could do it differently, and if it wasn’t for me his son wouldn’t be wearing a helmet on the back of the ATV now, he then expressed his gratitude.   It was my time to be proud, not the complete outcome I was looking for, but a small win that hopefully made a difference to that child’s life.  I still held onto the hope that he would in time change the vehicle out to something safe for his child to ride in.
Experiences like this make me think about my family particularly my children and grandchildren who are my top priority.   How great is it when you see your positive influence through good health, safety and wellbeing practices and behaviours at home and voluntary work in the community – making a difference to the safety and wellbeing of those that are dear to your heart.
 As a younger H&S Professional it was all about dealing with the risk and the hype of doing things by the rule book – prescriptively and sometimes not reasonably or practicably,  but as you mature it’s about stepping back, preventing or minimising the risk, making H&S proportionate, staying well and leading the way.    It has taken time but what a progression – we now even talk about wellbeing out loud, who would have thought!  We are not amazing at it yet, but it is out there.  We now hear our high-risk industries talking about wellbeing and mental health.  How great is that?  Therefore on the back of Mental Health Awareness Week I would like to take the opportunity to remind everybody to keep focusing on your health and wellbeing at work, and that of others at home and socially, don’t forget “it is okay” to ask someone “if they are okay”.  Wellbeing is definitely something worth treasuring. 
On that note I will leave you with some resources;
  1. Mental Health Foundation – link to the Five Ways to Wellbeing
  2. R U OK? – A Conversation could change a life  – How to Ask R U OK at Work
  3. A Brief Introduction to Sleep by Dr Michael Hlavac – complements of Christchurch City Council
  4. Relaxation for sleep by Fiona Young Physiotherapist – complements of Christchurch City Council
  5. Men’s Health, Dr Neil Averis – complements of Christchurch City Council
  6. Women’s Health – Dr Sue Bagshaw, complements of Christchurch City Council
  7. Mental Health Awareness – Cara Consulting – Coach & Facilitator Fiona Deehan, Articles and Activity
  8. The Canterbury Men’s Centre
  9. Mates in Construction – Mission to reduce suicide in the construction industry
Don’t forget “A near miss” is a “free lesson”
Placemakers Safety Charter's partner update
Christmas comes to Placemakersmark it in your calender.  Free Giveaways:  BBQ: Trade Stalls and more
Risk & Return Seminar Series
The three dreaded topics of business… ACC, Worksafe, and Health & Safety
Last year over 685 New Zealanders died by suicide. 

Blokes Book Launch Invitation
Canterbury Men's Centre launches 10th edition of their popular "Blokes Book"  
International Men's Day – 19 November
We invite you to be involved. Doing anything at all lets people know you care about men and contributes to creating a positive, encouraging atmosphere for men.
Charter Champion Award – Tammy Alexander, Maugers Contracting Ltd
Tammy notes, "What Charter Champion means to me is having the ability to step outside of my comfort zone to take on new challenges that stretch-me-to-grow and learn in my journey as a health and safety professional."
Bridging the Gap Workshop Review
The “Bridging the Gap” workshop was full of highlights and genuine conversation, sharing multiple sides of the construction industry.
Wrightway Construction
In September we inadvertently provided an incorrect link to Wrightway's article.  please find the correct article here.   


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