Charter Champion – Tammy Alexander

Charter Champion Tammy

Charter Champion – Tammy Alexander

Tammy Alexander, was recently awarded a Safety Charter Champion award during the Safety Charter, Bridging the Gap workshop held 8th October 2019.  Tammy says, “I am so humbled by being awarded this wonderful recognition of Charter Champion.”

The Safety Charter asked Tammy what achieving this award meant to her.

What Charter Champion means to me is having the ability to step outside of my comfort zone to take on new challenges that stretch-me-to-grow and learn in my journey as a health and safety professional.

I steer away from box ticking compliance processes and step into the reality of the workers shoes that has accentuated how work is really done out in the field.    This has driven me to review how systems and processes we have struggled to understand and force on our people over the years, clearly need to be reconsidered.

I am passionate about new ideas around how we view health & safety, focusing instead on the people these systems were intended to protect.

My motivation has been definitely been fueled by my involvement in the Safety Charter, which has provided me with a dynamic network of like-minded people passionate about driving through the safety clutter.

My focus is to create open communication that leads to greater learning opportunities where our people become the problem solvers.

I believe health & safety is not something we do to people, rather it is what we do with people.

Tammy Alexander

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