OneStaff raise just under $10K to support ‘Key to Life’

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OneStaff raise just under $10K to support ‘Key to Life’

In May this Year, Onestaff entered the ‘Virgin Pulse Global Challenge’.

This is a wellbeing event that has as run for over 15 years, being administered by Virgin. It is a 100-day, team-based event that focuses on individual wellbeing by setting attainable goals and assisting each participant to reach them. This occurs through an easy to use app and a pedometer (worn on the wrist) primarily, with incentives and competitions organised through each company.

Over the 100-day challenge, Onestaff employees walked over 40,000km. Pre- and Post- event testing showed marked improvement in all wellness measures, notably;

  • 53% of participants concentrating more and feeling more productive
  • 17% more participants are getting the recommended 7+ hours of sleep per night
  • 22% more participants (5% – 27%) are now meeting nutritional guidelines

Onestaff also used this as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the ‘Key to Life’ charity, run by Mike King. Our donation to Key to Life was $9874, a figure we are very proud of. This is made up of individual donations

, Onestaff matching these donations and a Onestaff contribution towards participants who achieved over 50,000 steps a week.

To put into perspective,this Onestaff donation will allow Mike King, another member of ‘Key to Life’ and two youth ambassadors to travel to 10 schools around the country. Reaching at least 5000 kids to talk about mental health and suicide prevention.

The event was enjoyed by all participants and we at Onestaff cannot recommend it highly enough.


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