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  • Steve Taw – View from the Board
  • Congratulations
  • Safety Alert – Accelerated silicosis
  • Who are they ? H&S Practitioners Working Group
  • Member Spotlight – Maugers Contracting Ltd
  • Rewarding the people that work hard for safety
  • 2019 H&S Construction Roadshow
  • Welcome to new members
  • Upcoming Events
August 2019/ ISSUE #59

Celebrating Safety Charter Members – Clyne & Bennie

NZ Plumbing 2019 Awards – Outstanding Project Award and finalist for the James Douglas Medallion 

Canterbury Safety Charter members Clyne & Bennie are well used to winning Awards as they celebrate their latest win at the recent NZ Plumbing Awards held during May, in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.  The Outstanding Project Award was awarded for the Town Hall Project, with judges noting "the award recognises exceptional work by a Master Plumber, with the project displaying excellence and high levels of innovative plumbing, gas fitting or drain laying methods, the use of new materials or the innovative use of existing materials." 

The Town Hall Project was exceptionally challenging due to seismic factors, piping shortages and a giant steel grid to get pipework through.   

The James Douglas Medallion has been award since 1948 and is presented to a newly qualified and registered apprentice.  Gas Fitter, Garry Learthart was one of the 3 finalist for this award, with the award going to a Napier based plumber.

Click here to view other winners

Steve was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to share his thoughts for this edition of the Charter newsletter.

For those of you who don’t know Steve, his background is varied. From working on the tools as a carpenter, to Project Manager, to Regional Manager of a commercial contractor, and now as a self-employed construction consultant, Steve has seen a lot in the industry.

However, and in his own words…. Steve Taw never really liked school, in fact, "I only went into the sixth form to spend time with my friends. Needless to say, that year was not very beneficial in terms of my learning, but what it did do was push me to enter into a trade. I figured that a trade could never be taken away from you and you could always fall back on it should you need to".
After thirty-five years in both the residential and commercial construction markets, one thing has never changed for me, that’s the comradery that you experience with people who work hard and play hard. The industry has moved on from how we did things even ten years ago.

You remember those days, no emails, not too many boxes to tick, no drowning in paperwork to meet the expectations of someone who will never read what you write, knowing now that it’s just there so that when something goes wrong, they can print it, roll it up, and beat you to death with it.
So where did we go wrong? Lack of training … maybe, a new level of compliance and formal documentation … certainly, technology … definitely.
Most importantly, we lost the ability to have conversations, we lost what was a simple environment where people speak up. It’s so easy now to write an email, report, send something on the document platforms that we use, and even text. Gone are the days where people got together to solve problems by talking about it face to face or picking up the phone. We find ourselves in a point in time where we are connected to each other through technology more so than any other period in history, yet we find ourselves so disconnected in so many other ways. So much can be solved by the collective power of the group, yet we revert to emails as our first choice of communication, disconnecting ourselves from the very thing that matters most to us, our work mates.
So why you ask, is this of any relevance to the Safety Charter and its newsletter?

I’m not saying that our safety record as an industry was great, in fact it wasn’t that great at all. What happened is that we were forced to change because the legislation forced us to and we put robust processes and checklist in place to protect ourselves. What I see now is that we are still placing a huge reliance on doing the right thing because we need to comply, not because it’s the right thing to do. We, as a city, region, country and civilization need to remind ourselves of the who we are, human beings. We need to remind ourselves of the way in which we used to communicate, face to face (the irony of that statement is not lost as I furiously punch my keyboard). We need to remind ourselves that culture leads to compliance, compliance does not lead to culture, and cultural change is what will make a difference in our workplace.

This is why the Canterbury Safety Charter is important to me.

The Canterbury Safety Charter provides us with an opportunity to have conversations about the tough issues, workshops to solve those issues together, brainstorming new innovative ideas from our young industry professionals, to bring together a collective voice of like-minded people in a non-commercial environment and not an email, report, checklist, template or electronic platform required, just people who want to make a difference, people who care, people who see value in comradery and a common cause.
So I urge all of you think about your own approach to safety – are you here to comply or are you here to make things better because you care. I urge you have the safety conversation today, no one is going to get injured if you do, can the same be said if you don’t?

Steve Taw
Safety Charter Board Member
Update from Sherry 
Safety Alert – Accelerated silicosis
Health & Safety Practitioners Working Group – Who are they?
The recently formed Health and Safety Practitioners Group name says it all; with a purpose of providing support to health and safety practitioners it was finally launched in December 2018 ….
Member Spotlight – Maugers Contracting Ltd
Since joining the Canterbury Safety Charter…… health and safety is no longer something we do, it is who we are.
Site Safe Awards – Rewarding the people that work hard for safety
Sione Lolohea, winner of WorkSafe’s Safety Contribution Award last year, with some of the leadership team from APS Ltd at last year’s Site Safe annual awards. From left: Project manager Paul Gent, general manager David Karam, and Director Robert Creemers.
A huge thankyou to members who have paid their levy invoice, however there are still a small number which remain outstanding.

As a member organisation your levy is the fuel that accelerates the Safety Charter, which assists the Safety Charter to  influence positive outcomes in health and safety practices in Canterbury, and to support the health and safety of all workers to ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

Our preferred method of payment is by direct payment.  Unfortunately,  the Safety Charter can not accept credit card payments. 

If you require a purchase order number on your invoice please advise and we will update your invoice for you.  

If you have any question about your membership or need to change the details of the people in your organisation please contact the Charter Administrator on

BSM – 2019 H&S Construction Roadshow

BSM and Worksafe partnered to promote workplace health & safety.

Tuesday, 15th October

Bridging the Gap

A Health & Safety Practitioners Workshop
Time: 6.30am – 9am
Bridging the Gap – meeting main & sub-contractors expectations by working together
  • How do you ensure everyone’s safety when there are multiple contractors working on a work site?
  • How to be more effective when communicating with main and sub-contractors
  • Different expectations for different contractors. 
  • Consult… Corporate…. Coordinate
  • Tangible and practical skills.
  • Tools and strategies.
  • Shared knowledge.
  • Greater understanding of overlapping duties.
Who should attend this event? SME’s; Main and Sub-Contractors
Registrations for this workshop OPEN Monday, 2nd September.  To indicate your interest please contact the Safety Charter on 

A small registration fee for non Safety Charter members may apply to this workshop.
Friday, 8th November
Time: 6.30am – 9am
HSR Workshop
Demystifying Risk Assessment

Further details to follow in the September Safety Charter Newsletter.

For further information please contact

A small registration fee for non Safety Charter members may apply to this workshop.
Do you have a Health and Safety Superstar? Nominate them for a Charter Champion Award.

Help us acknowledge and award your Champion. Charter Champions are reviewed and awarded quarterly. 

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