Welcome to Sherry Peck

Sherry Peck

Welcome to Sherry Peck

Sherry joins us as our new Charter Project Officer.

Her background has seen her spend many years as a civilian with NZ Army, working as an HSR and Anti-Harassment Advisor alongside a substantive role as Accident Insurance Liaison officer, which involved medical administration, case management and training facilitator.

She later moved in to management at a private medical practice, managing a admin team, working on Business Recovery strategies, building and general H&S.

“Most recently she’s come from another government department where fortunately, I was supported in my passion for Health, Wellbeing & Safety and completed my NEBOSH.”

“I have a strong passion for health, wellbeing & safety and I really do want to see people go home safely at the end of the day. I know this is a bit cliché and a phrase that is used a lot, but I believe everyone is valuable and has so much to offer their business, their family, their friends and people they haven’t met yet, so to me, it seems pointless to throw that away on ‘cutting corners’” Sherry says.

“I aspire to bring added value to the Charter, that has already done so much amazing work in Canterbury. I wish to honour the legacy of those who have traveled this journey before me by continuing to grow the Charter’s engagement and to continue the collaborative approach to health, wellbeing & safety.”

“I look forward to meeting our established Charter members, as well as connecting with businesses, HSR’s and workers across Canterbury. I’m working for you, let me know what I can do for you!”

Welcome to the team Sherry!

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