Watch our latest health and safety representative videos


Watch our latest health and safety representative videos

Worker participation is essential to keep workplaces healthy and safe and the best health and safety outcomes are achieved when businesses and workers work together.

Health and safety representatives (HSRs) are a well-established way to support worker engagement and participation.

They have several roles including representing workers and making recommendations on health and safety and play an important role within an organisation to ensure that all staff go home healthy and safe at the end of the day.

“Part of HSRs roles is all about making it easy and simple for people to understand what’s going on in your business” says Callum Thwaites, Project Manager, Arrow International.

“Being the link between workers and the boss is important so the boss can understand what the workers need and the workers can understand what the boss needs to do their  jobs safely and effectively” Callum says.

We’ve produced a series of case study videos around the important roles HSRs play in businesses ranging from what good engagement looks like through to how to join the dots between senior leaders and workers.

The videos are available on our YouTube channel if you would like to share them.

Special thanks to Citycare Civil, EQC, Hirepool, and Maugers Contracting for helping us make these videos happen.

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