Welcome aboard – our new Charter team

New Safety Charter Team

Welcome aboard – our new Charter team

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The Charter Board are very pleased to announce the appointment of four people into key Charter roles.

Julie Forde takes up the role of General Manager. Julie is a health and safety professional with experience in a diverse range of industries in NZ and Australia including mining and construction. Her most recent role is as Health and Safety Manager at the Earthquake Commission. Julie is particularly interested in being able to influence and guide an organisation toward normalising H&S into their workplace. She is also keen to ensure workplace cultures are focused on injury reduction, risk mitigation strategies and transparency.

Our members will be very happy to know that Libi Carr is continuing with us as Charter Officer. Libi has been with the Charter since 2014 and has been instrumental in breaking down the fear that some workers have around how to raise and discuss health and safety issues.  Libi has received really positive feedback from members about her workshops and worksite visits. So it’s great that she will continue to do this and reach even more members.

Jo Duffy joins us as in a part time Administrator role. Jo will be well known to many of you as a trainer and team leader at SafeRebuild. Jo is passionate about health and safety, the rights of workers and helping educate people to participate fully and safely within society and their workplace.

We are also very pleased to let you know that Steve Taw, South Island Regional Manager at Hawkins, has joined us as a Board member. Steve brings a huge amount of commercial construction experience to the table and is well known for effecting positive change by developing a culture of trust and openness.


From left to right: Libi Carr, Charter Officer; Jo Duffy, Charter Administrator and Julie Forde, Charter Manager


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