10 June 2015: New H&S legislation – how the Charter will help

New H&S legislation – how the Charter will help

With new health and safety legislation before Parliament, WorkSafe NZ and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment hosted the June 2015 Safety Charter event on how meeting your Charter commitments will help your organisation comply with the new legislation.

Watch the presentations from Graham Darlow, Andrew Shaw, Roxanne Kitchener and Ian Campbell below.

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Hear Graham Darlow, Chair of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter and Chief Executive of Fletcher Construction discuss the progress of the Charter Steering and Working Groups as at June 2015.

Hear Andrew Shaw, Partner at law firm Lane Neave, discuss how meeting the Charter’s ten commitments will help to comply with new H&S legislation.

Roxanne Kitchener from Optus in Australia discusses how their company implemented new H&S legislation in Australia – particularly in relation to contractor management.

Ian Campbell, General Manager of SCIRT, updates signatories on the results of the Assessment Tool, as well as introducing the 20+ new signatories to the Charter.

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