12 March 2015: Where we’re heading – 2015 in the rebuild


Fletcher Construction hosted the first Safety Charter event for 2015 with a focus on leadership and the progress we’re making in the Canterbury rebuild.

Watch the presentations of Graham Darlow, Cos Bruyn and Rob Sloan below.

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Hear Graham Darlow, Chair of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter and Chief Executive of Fletcher Construction on the progress of the Charter Steering and Working Groups.

Cos Bruyn, General Manager NZ for Downer, and a member of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum talks to Charter signatories about safety culture and what it means to lead H&S change from the top.

Rob Sloan, Chair of the Charter Leadership Working Group, and GM of Jennian Homes, presents on the leadership report the working group commissioned, and the work to come. He also welcomes another 15 signatories to officially sign the Charter.

Kelvan Smith, CERA’s Deputy Chief Executive of Corporate Services presented on the progress of the Canterbury rebuild to date. View his presentation here:

Safety Charter Presentation

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