Thriving People and Workplaces

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Thriving People and Workplaces

what is a thriving workplace, and what makes it so?

In my mind the best analogy is a botanical one. Think of what a thriving plant might look like, as opposed to one which is not thriving. The differences are easy to imagine, and the physical signs are obvious to any observer. We all know the individual components necessary for a plant to thrive – water, sunlight, shelter, fertilizer, good soil, and protection from insects or other predators. If one of these ingredients is missing, the plant will be unable to reach its full potential, and not bear its best fruit.

Human beings and workplaces are no different. To thrive as individuals and collectively there are a few essential components that must all be present to perform at our best. Air, water and nutrition are the first on the list, as we all know what happens if we do not get these. The next ones are not as critical, but they each play an important part. Sleep, exercise, relationships, community, environment, and purpose are all needed for us to perform at our best.

However, some of these components are not easy to see and understand. Relationships are many and complex and can range from loving to toxic. Our environment has both physical and emotional parts, and how we interact within our communities and how we derive purpose is different for everyone.

If you are interested in learning how to thrive as both an individual and as an organisation, come along to our wellbeing workshop delivered by Kevin Hurl. The feedback from his first workshop was phenomenal, and the three hour timeslot will ensure that all topics requested can be fully covered.

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