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Totalwaste Solutions supported construction customers during Covid-19 with their leading containment and hygiene solution Longopac.

Longopac is a smart solution for managing onsite waste and are a leading containment and hygiene solution that not only supports best practice but is also environmentally friendly.

Lee-Ann, Business Development Manager says “Longopac bagging solution has proven to be very popular on site, they are able to be sealed and placed into your building skip and are a more efficient and cost-effective solution to onsite bins.”

What is Longopac?  Longopac has been designed to be a ‘no touch’ solution, to minimise contamination as well as safely contain waste for disposal.  Longopac is an efficient, hygienic, and environmentally friendly continuous waste bagging system which reduces plastic waste by up to 70%.  Longopac is 3-times stronger with no need of double bagging, 50% lighter than a traditional waste bags, designed to ensure every bag is 100% full, reduces bag usage by 6-7 times therefore reducing bag wastage and costs and is therefore ideal for constructions sites.

Longopac can be adapted to meet your specific needs and is available in 3 sizes (60m, 80m and 110m), with 6-colour ranges available there is the option for on-site colour coded waste separation.

Read more about Longpac on Totalwaste Solutions Sustainabiliy website by contacting Lee-Ann, Business Development Manager  or 027 272 9922.

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