New Charter actions to support diversity in construction

We are pleased to let you know that today the Steering Group agreed to four new Charter actions to better support diversity in the construction workforce. These changes were recommended following two very successful “Women in Construction” events held earlier this year, which over 250 women attended.

We know there are significant benefits to having a more inclusive workplace. If workers feel included and valued at work, they are more likely to be engaged and productive. We have also seen that workers act more responsibly, with greater respect for fellow workers and better safety attitudes in a more diverse workforce.

One way the Charter can support more diverse and inclusive workplaces is to reflect this in the Charter’s actions. We are delighted to see four new actions under the commitments of Leadership, Worker Engagement and Health and Wellbeing. We’ll be working over the next month to update the website and collateral to include these new actions.

To see a copy of the four new actions to support diversity in the workforce, please click on the link below.

New Charter actions to support diversity in the workforce ↓

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