It’s summer – lets keep safe

Summer worksite

It’s summer – lets keep safe

Summer in Canterbury is an experience not felt by any other region in the country. Our nor’westers alone stand us out from the crowd but add in dry hot winds and scorching heat and it’s a formula for a pretty draining and mind muddling day.

Whether you are Cantabrian born or recently arrived, you’ll know this kind of day can be a recipe for disaster on the job site.

There are a couple of things you can do to help make the day go a little bit easier:

  • Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap – We all know it, it makes sense so why would you not?
  • Hydrate – It’s water and it tastes great, especially if you’ve frozen a couple of water bottles the night before
  • Take regular breaks, seek some shade with a cross wind if you can and if you’re out of the site area and it’s safe, remove your hat for a minute, let some of that body heat out through the top of your heat
  • Get enough sleep – With long days and warn nights, it’s easy to be awake longer periods and to be fair that’s what summer is all about. But it’s never fun for anyone when we’re tired on the job site, plus being refreshed from sleep makes the day go faster!
  • Eat good food – Fast food can taste delicious, but for body performance and metal endurance, not so much. It’s better in the weekend anyway, when you can chill.

Stay safe Canterbury, we have great things to achieve in 2019!

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