Farewell to HSR Chair during recent workshop

Farewell to HSR Chair during recent workshop

The recent Courageous Conversation Workshop held at the Russley Golf Course on Friday, 5th of July, was attended by 115 HSR’s along with others holding various roles within their organisations – the workshop provided the opportunity for attendees to focus on ‘effective communication when handling difficult situations’.

The workshop was also an opportunity to bid farewell to Callum Thwaites, Chairperson’s of the Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Working Group.  Callum has been involved with the HSR Group since its inception 3 years ago, and his advice is “… integral to being a good HSR, is getting involved”.

Callum acknowledges that “… being an HSR can be a daunting and lonely role at times but getting together with your work team and other HSR’s has been really inspiring.  The Safety Charter is the best place to start, so I encourage you to be involved, if an opportunity or course looks beneficial, take it and if you want to get more; then give more.”

Callum’s drive while being a HSR has been finding out what the issues are and being a part of the solution, which he has found very rewarding as well as discovering the wonderful and caring people involved.

Callum hands over the reins to Tammy Alexander, Maugers Contracting acknowledging that she will bring passion and enthusiasm to the HSR Working Group’s small but dedicated team.

Rob Sloan, Safety Charter Chairperson acknowledges that under Callum’s leadership the HSR’s have done an outstanding job in the delivery of informative and relevant workshops, which has assisted in upskilling health and safety representatives, and in turn influencing positive outcomes in health & safety practices in Canterbury.

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