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  • Ok Boomer – Calling all Gen Z construction workers
  • View From the Board – Rob Sloan
  • SOLD Out – Health and Safety in the Front Row networking event
  • Registrations now open for Communication Workshops
  • Placemakers Update
  • New Members
February 2020/ ISSUE #64
OK Boomer!  Calling all Gen Z construction Workers. 
Are you a young construction worker? (17-23). 
Do you have young workers in your organisation? 
Do you want a forum for young construction workers to meet and run events targeted to this particular group?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, then the Safety Charter has something for you!
The Safety Charter would like to organise a Generation Z working group to better represent the needs and challenges of those people starting out in a construction career. Research suggests that Generation Z have a number of  characteristics distinct from both millennials and Gen X. These represent both a challenge and opportunity for both the individuals and the businesses that employ them. Gen Z'ers are much more tech savvy, are connected and communicate with each other in many diverse ways, and are far more inclusive of different perspectives.
On the flip side, Generation Z have higher rates of anxiety and depression, and are also more willing to discuss mental illness issues openly.
The Charter is seeking a group of 5-8 Gen Z'ers who are willing to take a lead in developing a series of events and resources for young construction workers. The Charter can provide administration and financial support to run events, but we need some young people to drive the initiative forward and to take charge of selecting the appropriate topics. The range of issues out there are ever increasing, and the ability of young workers to connect and support each other is a real need in the industry.
If you think this might be something for you, or someone in your organisation, then email Paul Duggan at the Safety Charter  (, and get on the bus! OK Boomer

Keeping it real.
It is regularly commented that adopting and applying effective health and safety management systems has positive upstream effects on business performance.

It is recognised that if an organisation looks after the health, safety and well-being of its employees, they will be more productive, and in turn this helps strengthen the foundations required for the business to be more successful.
The implementation of health and safety systems into a business is generally instructed by those in senior management or business ownership and these instructions can either fly or fail in their adaptation depending on how they are delivered. Looking at the ‘delivery’ is key. How are we talking to one another? Are we keeping it real?
We encourage our industry leaders to make health and safety ‘part of work’, not a separate thing, but part of what we do. To naturally have health and safety as part of the conversation when talking with everyone in the organisation.
Noting here, that our leaders are just not our business owners and CEO’s. They are our foremen, leading hands, team leaders, labourers, budding apprentices, project managers, etc. Leaders are everywhere.
So what do our conversations look like? How is our delivery as leaders? Is it appropriate? We well know that when we build understanding amongst our organisation of why health and safety is important, and why the organisation wants to look after our health, safety and well-being; that people respond in a broad and positive manner.
Building that understanding for many of us won’t be achieved by quoting stats, looking at charts and poring over endless process documents. Understanding will be built through real conversations, built around specific real life situations. To keep it real and keep it human, our narrative must be directed around relevant ideals that people will understand and connect with.
People in our organisations want to know how health and safety will impact them personally. This is a good point to personalise that issue and use examples that will resonate with those involved in the conversation. Develop a narrative that delivers examples which then find common ground that will positively connect with your audience; be it, age group, work type, environment, market sector, gender, family and so forth.
Further to effective delivery as leaders is our ability to listen. Invite your people to ‘real’ conversations around improving health and safety performance in you organisation. Seek and facilitate their input, listen to and acknowledge all contributions and explain how you are going to effectively use the information.
Be genuine and consistent in your engagement. As a leader, does saying ‘if you have an issue, my door is always open’ really cut it? Or does proactively inviting someone through that door first, connect better and add creditability to your delivery?
As leaders our delivery is all important as its contributes immensely to other perceptions. Never underestimate the impact and influence you have on others around you if you are a leader in your working or home environment. It is significant. How is your delivery? Are you keeping it real?

SOLD OUT 'Health + Safety in the Front Row' 
with Mike Cron – All Black Scrum Coach
Leadership and Networking Event; 18th Feb, from 5.30pm
Communication that gets the job done
Develop key skills to facilitate the health and safety conversation
PlaceMakers – Safety Charter's partner update
Be sure to stock up the site offices this year by visiting PlaceMakers for all your site essentials. We stock all the major footwear brands, clothing, site signs, Bolle safety glasses and sunblock for those hot days on site. Plus, if you’re working at height, ask us about our range of harness systems and mobile scaffold!


SOLD OUT:  Health and Safety Leadership & Networking Event
Time: from 5.30pm
Location: The Tannery, Woolston
Register NOW:  HSR Workshop – Communication that gets the job done

Time: 6.30am-9am
Location: The Tannery, Woolston
Do you have a Health and Safety Superstar? Nominate them for a Charter Champion Award.

Help us acknowledge and award your health and safety Champion. Charter Champions are reviewed and awarded quarterly. 

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