PSWG: Reflection on 2019 – Heads up for 2020

PSWG: Reflection on 2019 – Heads up for 2020

Most of us know that design considerations play an important role in health and safety (H&S) at construction. However, the H&S impact of design goes beyond people who construct a building or a structure. It includes all of those who interact with it, whether it is the end users, those who maintain it or those who may need to demolish it.

Paying attention to H&S by Design requires collaborative, conscious and structured thinking, good records which clearly state the safety considerations behind design and passing this information on to those who will interact with the building / structure next.

In 2019 we gave the subject more exposure through three key activities.

Firstly, we prepared a simple set of fact sheets explaining key concepts of Health and Safety by Design. These give a one-page answer to the questions WHAT, WHY, WHO WHEN and HOW. 

Secondly, we produced three video case studies, showing Health and Safety by Design considerations from three perspectives, the designer’s, the end user’s and owner/ project managers. WorkSafe NZ was the sponsor for the technical production of these videos. 

Thirdly, we organised the “Lifting the Bar” event where we invited speakers to talk to the legal, facilities maintenance and technology perspectives as well as sharing the videos and the fact sheets. 

In 2020, we are planning to keep the momentum and H&S by Design on the agenda. The first activity we are working on is a series of podcasts. We are looking forward to sharing our pilot podcasts with you during the first half of the year. Watch this space.

Ekin Sakin on behalf of PSWG

Ekin Sakin is the Architectural and Structural Design team leader at Christchurch City Council

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