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March 2020/ ISSUE #65
What's next for health and safety?  
Goodonya New Zealand!, but what’s next for health and safety?
Everyone in New Zealand should take five minutes to give themselves and those in their bubbles a heartfelt pat on the back. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the decisive and drastic action to move to level four is going to spare New Zealand the heart-breaking scenes that we see developing on other countries that dithered and denied the severity of the threat. Fundamental to this success has been willingness of all New Zealanders (with the exception of the odd health minister or two) to fully buy into the strategy, and we now we hear whispers of the holy grail for epidemologists, which is complete eradication of the virus from our shores.
What is less apparent, is that the entire situation has been an exercise in Health and Safety, albeit on a much larger scale. Think of the risk assessment work that has been carried out, the task analysis for virtually every employee in New Zealand, the mitigation and minimisation strategies that have been employed, the engagement and education processes, the daily “toolbox talk” from Wellington, and not even having to mention the “isolation” of risk, which has now become normalised in everyday conversation.
This is a good time for all those in the industry to reflect on the intrinsic value of the work that we do every single day, and to reinforce to all New Zealanders the real benefits of basic health and safety principles. My hope is this will lead to a further shifting of attitude toward health and safety to one which is more integrated into all of our daily lives.  
The economic argument will again come to the fore. Is the economic cost of level four greater than the benefit to the country? This is the same question as; is the economic cost of health and safety compliance greater than the benefit to my organisation?  There is no doubt that the short term economic outlook is very bleak, and that many firms will not survive, and that employees from a wide range of industries and levels will lose their jobs. However, the real question should be; is the economic cost of level four restrictions better or worse than the economic cost of not going to level four? My personal belief is that countries that suffer a greater health impact will also suffer a far greater economic cost in the long term. In plain language this would translate to “ the thing is going to stick around for longer and do much more damage”.
New Zealand will be in a far better place to be able to trade out of the economic recession by limiting the health consequences now. The same argument can be applied to health and safety on an organisational level. Those organisations which have invested heavily in health and safety processes and attitudes will be better placed to deal with the post Covid-19 workplace environment, which may look very different from what has been.
What is next?  It is very hard to crystal ball gaze, but certainly there will be a huge need for greater mental wellbeing programs as individuals and families come to terms with very changed circumstances. What workplace practices will actually look like will ultimately depend on how successful the eradication process is, and how well it is maintained. There will be a vaccine developed in the mid-term, but full deployment could be a while off.
In the meantime, pat yourself on the back, be grateful for the work others do on your behalf, and use the time in lockdown for some growth.

Paul Duggan
General Manager

To our Safety Charter Members
It’s has now been two full weeks since we have had to rapidly adjust our lives and businesses to deal with the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
This has not been easy for our country and many people are making great sacrifices to ensure our efforts are fruitful for now and the future. On a whole New Zealanders have responded extremely well and responsibly to the mammoth challenges that faces both our country and the world.
There are two distinct challenges involved;.
  • First is eradicating Covid 19 virus and preventing any re-infection.
  • Second is the economic recovery for New Zealand – its people and communities.
We must realise however, that unless we are successful at the first challenge to keep our country healthy, then the second challenge of economic recovery and growth will be long and strenuous.
Two weeks into lockdown and the daily data being presented through the media is being treated as cautiously optimistic. At the time of writing this, the daily infection rates being reported in New Zealand are reducing, recovery rates are positive and globally we are performing well when compared to other nations progress. Whilst this progress is a result of everyone’s efforts and we are two weeks in, it doesn’t mean we are half-way there in nailing our first challenge. There will be plenty more for us to do and consider over the coming weeks to remain healthy and well.
The second challenge of economic recovery and the part we play in – it will be very different for many of our members and our businesses. As Charter members, we all differ in our size and services offer; and this lockdown period for many will have a profound impact.  We know from experience that we must dig deep and respond positively to what maybe ahead. This is fine in sentiment and ambition but nonetheless real; so where do you start?
For our organisation we have implemented a very simple three-word approach plan for business now and post lockdown.   Assess, Adapt, Advance
As the social and economic landscape is changing daily both domestically and internationally, we need to continually assess and understand the market that we trade in and the status of our economy. Building understanding and knowledge from being well informed will aid you in current and future decision making and business forecasting.
Do not ignore what your assessment of the market and your business forecasting tells you.  Be pragmatic and make any critical decisions required to adapt your business to remain dynamic, robust and profitable for the future. Many successful businesses, large and small, expand and contract over their trading history.
As a business and as a person, be a leader in our economic recovery. Be visible and advance yourself and your business with positive momentum, energy, courage and respect as well as for others.
The Charter management staff are working remotely from home like many of us and are readily available to you – our members.
Continue to take care of yourselves over the next few weeks and I sincerely wish you and your families the strength and peace required to meet these challenges ahead and to see this journey through.

Rob Sloan
Charter Board Chairperson

Insights of MBA Charter Reserach
This month we interview Charter member Barry Wehi.  Barry recently completed his MBA, which included a 9-month research project on the Canterbury Safety Charter.

Mentoring Opportunities
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Safety Charter AGM
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