WorkSafe NZ appoint HSR Development Lead


WorkSafe NZ appoint HSR Development Lead

In 2021 WorkSafe NZ completed a project that aimed to further understand the reality of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) in Aotearoa. WorkSafe found a number of opportunities to help support and enable HSRs, and they all fold out from one key finding: There is a lack of role clarity for HSRs across Aotearoa.

WorkSafe also heard from HSRs that they value connections to reliable sources of knowledge and want WorkSafe NZ to be more approachable.

As a result, there are a number of initiatives underway, one of which is the new HSR Development Lead. The role is a new function for WorkSafe designed to coach and support HSRs, Health & Safety Committees (HSCs) and organisations, helping to provide:

  • Clarity to the HSR role.
  • Help connect HSRs.
  • Sow seeds around the value of high-quality worker participation.
  • Help to link HSRs and HSCs to resources and knowledge sources that might help them.

Sherry Peck is the Christchurch HSR Development Lead for WorkSafe New Zealand. With her counterpart Brent Armitage, looking after the Auckland region.

Sherry joined WorkSafe as a Health and Safety Inspector and has had a 20+ year history as an HSR, with at least half of that spent working as a civilian with the NZ Defence Force, case managing soldiers’ injuries and claims. Since then, she has been a Team Manager, a Crown Land Co-Ordinator, a Trainer and Engagement Partner. Sherry is super enthusiastic about Safety2 concepts but her real passion is for Worker Engagement Participation and Representation (WEPR). Sherry is absolutely stoked to be in this brand-new role and can’t wait to meet and connect with HSRs, committees and organisations.

Sherry will work alongside organisations and HSRs in a collaborative way to provide clarity around the HSR role, suggesting concepts to provoke thinking and supporting and advising on the facilitation of HSR engagement.  

HSRs and organisations will benefit by being able to make better decisions based on expertise that exists within their workforce. When business engage and collaborate with their workers, they’ll design work in a way that works for their people and when workers feel ownership, they are invested in the organisation and the outcomes from the work.

If you’d like to work with Sherry or find out how Sherry could help you as a HSR or organisation, email her at to set up an initial chat.

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