Trusting each other in health and safety

Cheri and Wendy

Trusting each other in health and safety

The Charter’s Health and Safety Practitioners Group is helping to build relationships and share knowledge and experiences within the sector. Wendy McLean of Clive Barrington Construction and Cheri Larson-Tizzard from OuterSpace Landscapes hadn’t met until they both attended the first Charter H&S Practitioners Group gathering late last year. Through this group they quickly established a high-trust environment to work together and manage the health and safety issues.

The H&S Practitioners Group was born out of feedback from Charter signatories in business with between 20-49 staff, where there is often a dedicated H&S Manager or Officer.

For more information on this group, please email us at here adding H&S Practitioners Group to the subject line.

L-R: Cheri Larson-Tizzard, OuterSpace Landscapes and Wendy McLean, Clive Barrington Construction.



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