Recent Safety Charter events

Recent Events

Recent Safety Charter events

March 2023

Reinstating our Cathedral Networking Event

The Christchurch Cathedral Reinstatement Team gave a presentation to Safety Charter members and guests on the project. This is an extremely challenging site from a health and safety perspective, with many critical risks and hazards. The team were enthusiastic about the various methods employed to solve complex problems, including the hi-tech three-dimensional computer models and the low-tech bell and whistle. Collaboration with all stakeholders was a key theme, with all members of the project involved with the design of safe work procedures. The Safety Charter presented a donation towards the project.


The Invisible Enemy Workshop

The Safety Charter’s ‘Invisible Enemy’ workshop was presented by Deb McAlpine, and she walked us through the ins and outs of a respiratory health and safety management plan.  The Attendees learnt about the different types of mask and filters, and how they operate for the different types of respiratory hazard. Stories about the potential consequences of long-term exposure kept everyone’s attention, and reminded us all why we do what we do.

Invisible Enemy

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