Men’s Health Week: 11- 15 June


Men’s Health Week: 11- 15 June

11 – 15 June marked Men’s Health Week 2018. This year guys all over the country were encouraged to take the Accuro What’s Your Score? health survey. It’s not too late to take the survey – see how your score compares with your workmates.

Registered Master Builders is a proud sponsor of Men’s Health Week and this year provided a series of health tips – “Tips from the Masters”. These are simple ideas, some physical, some more about your lifestyle, all designed to help your body deliver for you through your working day and beyond.

As Registered Master Builders Chief Executive, David Kelly, says “In an industry that is made up predominantly of males we need to ensure we look after our health on an ongoing basis. It’s not good enough to wait until something goes wrong – so much of what can go wrong can be prevented, and prevention really is just common sense.”

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