Newsletter: HSR SCOOP

An update from Sherry Peck, WorkSafe Health & Safety Development Lead

As 2022 is drawing to a close, WorkSafe New Zealand Health & Safety Representative Development Leads are now halfway through their pilot role, and it’s been a whirlwind of a journey so far.

In the last six months both Brent and Sherry have been travelling up and down the Motu. Presenting at conferences, engaging with industry, visiting HSR Level 1 trainings, sharing our stories, and yours with HSRs and working one-on-one with business. We have been able to engage and connect with hundreds of kaimahi and every experience has been absolutely rewarding.

We have had the privilege to connect and work with some amazing companies, both national and local. These businesses have invited us in and have included us as they build stronger engagement with their workers and the difference, we have luckily enough to have been a part of, has been absolutely fantastic.

Alongside a super group of HSRs, we have been able to create and then late share, some new resources. Brent and I remain firm that any resources are created, are by HSRs for HSRs and we’re both happy to be the conduit to make these happen. If you haven’t seen them already, check out our awesome Hiki cards, found on the WorkSafe website, or Resources for HSRs | WorkSafe

As well resources, we have and in conjunction with some pretty amazing Training Providers, created ‘Connection Point’. Connection Point is a place where HSRs can sign up and receive a bi-monthly HSR newsletter call ‘Kanihi Kitea – HSR Scoop’, resources, guidance, updates and information and invitations to HSR events, as well as connecting you to both Brent and I HSR voice | WorkSafe

If you’re wondering about improved worker engagement and how it would look in your workplace, think about giving Brent or I a call, we’d be happy to help … and even better, it’s all for free!!!

Hari Kirihimete Otautahi kiamahi, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break.

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