HSR Leadership Group welcomes two new reps

HSR Leadership

HSR Leadership Group welcomes two new reps

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The Charter HSR Leadership Group is very happy to welcome two new reps – Jordan Magnus, Décor Tiling and Mike Poole, Airtech NZ Limited.

Jordan is new to the construction industry and became really interested in health & safety when he attended his first training course. “I was sitting with a bunch of construction workers and I noticed the odd few who had an ‘old school’ perception around health and safety. This blew my mind. How someone could even begin to have a negative thought around keeping themselves and their team safe?” says Jordan. Now Jordan has made it his mission to do what he can to change people’s perception of health and safety around the construction site while offering as much support as possible.

Mike Poole has over 35 years’ experience working for manufacturers and installation contractors. Over that time Mike has seen many changes in the way we go about our jobs and feels at last we are seeing a cultural change with more open discussions and a proactive approach being fostered. “I’ve had a strong focus on health and safety for many years, going through the “harden up” era, the “are you a real man or what?” phase, the “back in my day” phase, and has seen team mates, and myself, encouraged to take extreme risks to complete a task that, with a bit of forethought, could be achieved in a much safer way.” says Mike.

Mike is looking forward to helping promote the continual growth in awareness of, not only our legal requirements, but also our moral requirements, as team members and leaders, to lead our friends and colleagues to a safer place to live and work.

A huge welcome to the HSR Leadership Group Jordan and Mike!

L-R: Madeleine Ramsay, Tindus Structural Engineers, Mark Thompson (Chair) Leighs Construction, Jordan Magnus, Décor Tiling, Callum Thwaites, Arrow International, Mike Poole, Airtech NZ Limited, Libi Carr, Charter Project Officer


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