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  • Health & Safety Reps announce 2020 program
  • View from the Board – Richard Holyoake
  • Health & Safety in the Front Row; Leadership Event
  • Risk Demystified workshop review
  • Leaving your site safe this Christmas
  • Meridian Energy, a clean energy for a fairer and healthier world
  • Canstaff – supporting migrant workers
  • CHASNZ on workplace facilities
  • Placemakers – BBQ’s and specials
December 2019/ ISSUE #63
Charter Health and Safety Reps announce 2020 program
The Charter Health and Safety Reps Working Group have announced their program of workshops for 2020.

The first big change will be the location, with Cassell’s Brewery sponsoring venue hire for the Charter. These events will now be held at the Atrium in the Tannery, a fantastic space for workshops and networking, which our participants have indicated is a key additional benefit.

The first workshop will be on Effective Communication with an emphasis on developing key skills to facilitate the health and safety conversation with all stake holders. This can apply to toolbox talks, Health and Safety representative training, all the way up to Board room conversations. A special thanks to Mark Greenstreet of Canstaff who will be sponsoring the event and talking on communicating with migrant workers.

The second workshop will be assessing the five years since the introduction of the new Health and Safety Legislation. The key questions here will be; What changes have occurred in the last five years? Have the lessons of Pike River been fully taken on board by the industry? How have the courts interpreted the legislation, and what ramifications do these decisions have for my business?

The third workshop will be devoted to mental wellbeing.  The data on mental illness and construction is well documented and a red flag to all those in the industry. What practical steps can we take to identify and support those in need, and what can we do to lessen the impact of the known risk factors.

The HSR Working Group would like to thank all those who have attended the workshops in this past year, and  look forward to offering these opportunities to our members to make our vision a reality.

Email the Charter for further information about the HSR Working Group 


As I write this article I am sitting in an A321-neo aircraft heading from Auckland to the Gold Coast for an Airports Conference


I had in mind to write about" being in the moment" when undertaking activities , i.e. focussing on the present, not thinking about other things, the list of jobs to do, or the email or text that just pinged on your phone, or the holiday  or project you are looking forward to at Christmas. All of these things are distractions, and we have all seen what can happen when a person is distracted whilst "doing a job", examples include losing control of a vehicle whilst texting, not being "on the page" when asked a question in a meeting, or stepping backward off a platform without edge protection.


Ironically the topic was reinforced as we departed Auckland 40 minutes ago, and ascended to cruise altitude, and moved into lumpy trans-Tasman air. After the safety briefing, which I observed many people not to show any interest in, the seatbelt sign remained on due to the bumpy air. A PA announcement was made to the effect that whilst the seat belt sign is on, passengers must remain seated. The same sign remained on for another 30 minutes. In that 30 minutes I observed 10 different passengers get out of their seats, access overhead lockers, wander to other end of the aircraft or to go to the toilet. Most were advised by cabin staff to sit down, and further PA announcements were made.


I really scratch my head at this behaviour, Were the passengers in their own distracted world?, did they not understand the briefing or announcements?, were they being deliberately disobedient? I also have sympathy for the attendants who are trying to maintain some sort of control in the cabin.  I don’t know the answer to the questions above, but my short time period of observations perhaps go some way to explain why we still have stubbornly high rates of injury or death in the workplace, on the road or in the home whilst undertaking those handyman projects.


It's  worth taking the time to reflect on whether you are really in the moment when you are briefing someone on a task, have you explained it adequately – or given it the once over lightly?, if you are being briefed, how much attention are you paying?


As we head into the summer season and holiday season, it is also worth thinking about the activities you intend to undertake outside of the work environment.  It is that time of year when the home" handyman" gets to work, whether it be  painting the roof, building a new deck or pergola, or tackling the jungle garden. These activities are just as or more  hazardous  as the activities we undertake in the workplace.


I wish you all a happy and relaxing break, but urge you to think about being in the moment, focussing on the task at hand, and cutting out distractions during critical activities, so that you and your loved ones have many more happy times together.

Richard Holyoake
BECA and Safety Charter Board

Health + Safety in the Front Row 
Mike Cron – All Black Scrum Coach
Leadership and Networking Event
18th Feb, from 5.30pm
Risk Demystified
The perception of risk can be different for the client, contractor and worker,  with the key takeaway for workshop participants being re assessment of the risk with the control in place.
Leaving your Site safe!
In the rush to 'shut up shop' and get away at Christmas it can be extremely easy to forget some of the basics to keep your workplace secure and safe while you are enjoying time with family and friends.  
Meridian Energy – A clean energy for a fairer and healthier world
Meridian Energy supporting health and safety leadership. 
Canstaff – supporting migrant workers
Read how one Charter member is working to support better mental health for men.
CHASNZ on workplace fatalities, mental health, site access and pre-qual
Chris Alderson, CEO of Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ) provides an update on key topics and issues in health and safety in the construction industry.
PlaceMakers – Safety Charter's partner update
Read about PlaceMarkes Christmas BBQ' and Hi-Vis specials. 


SAVE THE DATE:  Health and Safety Leadership & Networking Event
Time: from 5.30pm
Location: The Tannery, Woolston
SAVE THE DATE:  HSR Workshop – Effective Communication and Engagement

Time: 6.30am-9am
Location: The Tannery, Woolston
Do you have a Health and Safety Superstar? Nominate them for a Charter Champion Award.

Help us acknowledge and award your Champion. Charter Champions are reviewed and awarded quarterly. 

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