Celebrating 10-years

Steph Paul Safeguard

Celebrating 10-years

As the Safety Charter celebrates its tenth anniversary, Peter Bateman, Safeguard talks to Paul Duggan, about the Charters success and opportunities, and whether the concept could be replicated elsewhere in the country – without the motivation of a natural disaster and the massive infrastructure rebuild that follows?

Safeguard shares the thoughts and reflections of three member organisations.

  • Rob Sloan explains how Enterprise Homes has benefited from the Safety Charter and the collaborative improvements.
  • Stephanie Cerpa Health & Safety Manager at Contract Construction, and co-chair of the Health & Safety Leaders Group applauds the Safety Charter and urges a focus on the smaller construction sector players.
  • Safety by Design has been a focus for Simon O’Brien, Director Hampton Jones and co-chair of the Professional Services Working Group.

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