BIMSafe NZ launches website

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BIMSafe NZ launches website

The BIMSafe NZ webpage has been launched and is accessible via the Safety Charter Website

BIMSafe NZ is a three-year project which aims to reduce New Zealand’s construction accident and injury rate using Building Information Modelling (BIM). 

The project is a collaboration between the Canterbury Safety Charter and the University of Canterbury’s Building Innovation Programme.

The project is funded by ACC and MBIE, with a substantial in-kind contribution from the Safety Charter’s Professional Services Working Group.

The Project aims to change industry behaviour in the way that risks are identified, managed, and communicated on construction sites using the visualisation and communication powers of three-dimensional computer models. The project will produce best practice guidelines for incorporating health and safety information into BIM models. Being able to visualise potential health and safety risks in a virtual environment, and then take actions in the real world will reduce accident and injury rates.

The Webpage will feature information about the project, updates on progress, and resources produced for all industry stakeholders.

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