H&S Practitioners – who are they?

H&S Practitioners – who are they?

The Health and Safety Practitioners Group (HSP) name says it all.

Formed for the purpose of providing support and opportunities for health and safety practitioners including, empowerment and training through events and workshops,a mentoring programme and online resources, the HSP group was finally launched in December 2018.

I attended the first meeting not really knowing what to expect; there I met a group of engaged, dynamic people who all have their own story about why and how they got into health and safety.  People who care enough about people, who want to share what they have learnt along the way and provide others with the support and resources we all need to do our job to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of every single day.

With the first HSP workshop planned for 15 October 2019 this is an exciting time, we hear regularly from all levels of the industry about frustrations in dealing with others, whether it be a main contractor not listening to a sub-contractor or a client with different health and safety expectations from a contractor, there is a gap.

As you will know, current legislation requires multi business working together to consult, coordinate, and cooperate with one another.  The reality, for a lot of companies is this doesn’t happen.

The October workshop aims to allow opportunity for learning and sharing.  At the event participants will have a chance to hear from both the contractor and sub-contractor – how they operate, what they get right and what needs more work.  You will get a chance to contribute in the workshop, including time to ask some important questions around how to bridge the gap. Information will be shared with the hope of converting it into a toolbox talk for all Charter members to access.

If you are interested in joining the HSP Working Group please contact sherry.peck@saferycharter-old.weaveclient.site

Written by Liz Hodgson, HSP Committee Member

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