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Changing organisational culture

Changing organisational culture

Date: 29 Jun 2021    |   Location: Hornby Working Mens Club & MSA Inc   |   Time: 5:00 pm

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You are cordially invited to the 4th AGM of the Canterbury Safety Charter and presentation by David Williams on ‘Changing Organisation Culture.

We all intuitively understand that there are good workplace cultures, and bad workplace cultures, in this presentation David will explain the five different types of cultures according to the Hudson model, and the five elements that make up a culture and how they differ from one type of culture to another.

David will explain how the ‘Elements of Culture’ can be leveraged to drive culture change, each type of culture will be described so you can adapt your professional praxis to suit your environment, and thus influence how your organisation can/ could indeed change its cultural trajectory.

You will with a clearer picture of where your own organisation sits on the H&S cultural continuum, and with a greater understanding of how you can influence transformational change.

Dr David WIlliams, also known as the ‘Undercover Brother’ at Fonterra Capital Projects. David is a former Soldier, Tradesman, Educator, Manager, Academic, and now Senior Consultant. David completed his PhD in knowledge management in 2011, after which he was engaged by Fonterra to try and discover the reasons for the fatalities and the underlying drivers of the culture. David went ‘undercover’ for two days a week for a two-year period at Fonterra starting in 2010.

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