Professional Services Working Group

Health & Safety by Design

The Professional Services Working Group (PSWG) develops resources and events for professional service organisations aligned to the construction Industry.

This includes: Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Geotech, etc.

The Health and Safety by Design slides were created by the PSWG, and whilst not a new concept to the industry, they felt there was room for a concise summary into the what, why, who, when and how of Health and Safety by Design.

The following fact sheets aim to capture the key points, to help demystify and encourage greater involvement and collaboration through the whole life of a building or structure.



Professional Services Working Group

The Professional Services Working Group are a small committee of Charter members who promote good practice in action through the development of resources and events. They have a focus on Health and Safety by Design, and promote a collaborative approach to delivery to members and organisations.

If you are interested in learning more about H&S for Professional Services, please contact the Charter Administrator.
Read our Terms of Reference here.

Pswg Brad Sara 2
Brad Sara – Co-Chair
Warren & Mahoney
Pswg Simon O'brien
Simon O’Brien: Co-Chair
Hampton Jones
Dave Robotham
Dave Robotham
Pswg Ekin Sakin
Ekin Sakin
Team Missing
Ian McKenzie
Dawson McKenzie
Team Missing
Gerry Sullivan
Team Missing
Kristin Hoskin
Team Missing
Gavin Koroaha
Team Missing
Paul Bonini
Team Missing
Nik Neale
Boffa Miskell
Team Missing
Ian Campbell
Board Representative


If you would like to be a mentor, please contact us at email us outlining briefly your position, experience and knowledge of health and safety to support the matching process of mentors and mentees.

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