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ARE YOU A health and safety LEADER?

The Safety Charter develops resources and runs workshops and events for people who wish to improve their health and safety knowledge.

The Health and Safety Leadership Group are focused on supporting stakeholders (for example: contractors, sub-contractors, workers, clients, health and safety managers and representatives) by providing a range of health and safety leadership initiatives and programmes.

The group comprising of Charter Members who are committed to encouraging others to develop a culture of safety across all levels of the workforce, connect with like-minded industry associations and groups to improve health and safety across all sectors and aligned industries.


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health and safety Leadership Group

The Health and Safety Leadership Group are a committee of Charter members who provide resources along with  the  delivery of workshop and events, their purpose is to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower stakeholders to work through solutions that best fit their own work situation.

If you are interested in learning more about this Leadership Group, please contact the Charter Administrator.
Read our Terms of Reference.

Tammy Alexander
Tammy Alexander – Co-Chair
Maugers Contracting
Rebecca Moss
Rebecca Moss
Clyne & Bennie
Liz Hodgson Sml
Liz Hodgson - Co-Chair
The Christchurch Arts Centre
Nicki Tasker
Nicki Tasker
Whole Homes Solutions Ltd (HRV)
Glen Munro
Glenn Munro
Properly Plastered
Euan Gutteridge
Euan Gutteridge
Symon Dynes
Symon Dynes
Hays Recruiting
Ollie Hansen Sml
Ollie Hansen
Waterproofing Concepts
Shane Strode Penny
Shane Strode-Peny


If you would like to be a mentor, please contact us at email us outlining briefly your position, experience and knowledge of health and safety to support the matching process of mentors and mentees.

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