For the month of October 2016 the Canterbury Safety Charter ran a tidy sites campaign. We know there is a direct link between a tidy site and safe site – check out the research here.

We were on a mission to find the tidiest sites in Canterbury.

We visited a number of sites from 10-31 October 2016 and:

  • delivered Toolbox Talks
  • handed out water bottles and other goodies
  • judged each site on a ‘tidy sites’ checklist to determine a weekly winner.

Huge congratulations to Maiden Construction – our inaugural winners of the Safety Charter ‘Tidy Sites’ competition – for their clever and simple use of health and safety signage.

Check out our tidy sites!

We were so impressed by the state of your sites when we visited.
Take a look here →

Daily Checklist

Need a hand to clean up?

Never fear, we’ve developed a checklist to help you assess how tidy your site is. Some of the questions may not be relevant to your site, but it can act as a guide. This is what our team used to check out the Charter sites during the campaign.

Download the checklist here.