2017 Charter Members Survey

A big thank you to the 210 members who completed the 2017 members survey – that’s 56% of our members taking the time to let us know how you think we are going.

The survey is a great way for us to understand how you engage with the Charter and the information we get enables us to better plan how we engage with you into the future.

It’s great to see that our events are your most preferred way of engaging with us – 77% of respondents had attended an event, and those numbers keep increasing. Members also gave really positive feedback about the workshops and worksite visits by our Charter Project Officer, Libi Carr. This confirms what we know, face to face engagement with you is key to the support the Charter offers. But we also know there are still a large number of members who have not yet met with Libi. Reaching out to more members will continue to be a focus for us.

The newsletter and website rate as useful resources for members but we know you are busy people so we’ll keep working to make these relevant and easy to use and read!

Another encouraging result was that over half of respondents said they had changed their practice based on information provided by us. However we still have work to do as 15% of respondents indicated that the Charter was not useful for improving health and safety.

The survey also shows us that while we have really strong engagement from many of our larger signatories, there is still work to be done on engaging better with smaller signatories. It was pleasing to see a positive response to the Charter from Residential Builders, but clearly we need to work with our specialist trade organisations to ensure the Charter meets their needs.