Directors Guidance

The guidance note below supports directors to think about how they can lead in safety. It is not a complete set of criteria for safety leadership.

A director/business owner is a person in a governance role.

The note provides three high level themes that you could focus on to develop leadership capability. Within each theme there are focus areas for action.

1. Plan

Define what ‘good’ looks like for your business, and how you will achieve that. Structure your role and that of other directors so that you can best consider and resource safety. Set clear expectations for your senior managers so that they understand your intention.

2. Motivate

This means being seen by your senior managers, workers and contractors to be taking an interest in them and their safety, and holding them accountable for doing the same. At this level effective leadership in safety requires looking outside your business, into the sector and the community, and using your influence to make a positive impact beyond your business footprint.

3. Build understanding

This means developing your own capability, so that you are an intelligent customer for your internal and external stakeholders. It also means having a good understanding of the risks in the business, and being open to full and frank information about business safety performances.

For more information on the three focus areas, see the guidance notes.

Where to get more information:


Institute of Directors/ Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum

MBIE/WorkSafe New Zealand

Overseas Examples



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