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Post Covid:  Wellbeing in a new normal

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Post Covid:  Wellbeing in a new normal

Date: 17 May 2022    |   Location: Tait Technology Centre   |   Time: 7:00 am

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Are you and your organisation dealing with Covid fatigue? How can we use the lessons of the last two years to build resilience going forward.

Mick Bates , St Johns Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing is presenting a  workshop for the Charter’s Health and Safety Leaders group as we transition out of mandates, masks, and passports into the next phase of recovery.

Mick is an engaging and entertaining presenter, and will lead us through the following topics.

  • Covid Fatigue
  • Wellness Self Inventory
  • Building Resilience
  • Pathway to a new normal

Light refreshments provided.

Mick Bates

Mick Bates – Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing – St John

Mick started his working life as an apprentice maintenance engineer in a brewery (a dream job of a 16-year-old!) in the northeast of England. More than 30 years later, and through several countries and various positions in everything from quarries to universities, he is currently the Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing for St John.

A great believer that well-placed ignorance is the key to discovering new insights, Mick encourages looking outside your typical networks for ideas and concepts. He believes that learning what makes things go right more than they go wrong is the key to improving health and safety outcomes.

Registration is closed for this event.

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