The Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter regularly carries out research into health and safety for our members – to date we’ve collated some great insights into awareness about health and safety and the Charter, as well as leadership practices.

You can find all our research reports here:

The Charter Worker Engagement Project

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The Charter Worker Engagement Project (April 2016)

This six-month research and engagement project involved talking with construction workers on site, asking questions and surveying them. The report makes 17 recommendations on the Charter as a model, health and safety for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), supporting businesses to engage with their workers and others, and potential health and safety education campaigns.

Research First: Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter (Dec 2015)

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Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter Research (Dec 2015)

This research project found while workers were positive about workplace health and safety, perceptions do not always align with reality. It also found there was room for improvement about awareness about the Charter, and in health and safety generally. The research is part of the Charter Worker engagement project (above) and included a non-response survey and focus groups of workers, site managers and senior managers as well as the survey of workers.

Research First: Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter (Members’ research)

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Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter Members’ research (Dec 2015)

This research surveyed Charter members and found that awareness of the Charter commitments was high and over half rated the Charter as useful and value for money. However, the research identified pockets of disengaged or dissatisfied members.

Health and Safety Leadership report (June 2015)

This research was commissioned by the Charter Steering Group to understand current health and safety leadership practices in the Canterbury rebuild and wider construction industry. It found six ways to improve H&S leadership across the board, including promoting safety champions, providing leadership resources and programmes and promoting health and safety as an investment.